Potential 2080 Results Leaked? Lackluster Performance.

Potential 2080 Results Leaked? Lackluster Performance.

Twitter user TumApisak has posted what is supposedly a leaked 3DMark Time Spy result of the recently announced NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 clocked at over 2000MHz.

Regarding the authenticity of the results, this is a SUPPOSED result so please take this with a few grains of salt.

3DMark Time Spy is a synthetic benchmark and results are not to be used as a direct comparison in regards of gaming results, but since we’ve had nothing but RTX bullcrap being shoved down our throats as of late this result if true is the closest thing we’re going to get in terms of actual performance until launch day.

Now onto the actual result:

The alleged RTX 2080 clocked at a whopping 2025MHz manages to score over 10,030 Graphics Score but is falling behind that of a similarly clocked 1080Ti by ~10% as it scores 11,033 while the GTX 1080 also clocked similarly scores only 8,470 which gives the RTX 2080 an almost 20% lead over its previous generation counterpart.

Not as much of a performance boost we were quite expecting providing that the leak actually features the RTX 2080. Now if only the pricing reflected on as such as the GTX 1080 was unveiled featuring an MSRP of $699 for the founders edition but for well over a year now it was dropped down to $499 following the launch of the 1080Ti.

Compared to the MSRP of the GeForce RTX 2080 being at an all time high for a card of this segment at $799 for the founders edition it doesn’t sound like so much of a bargain when you take into consideration that the GTX 1080Ti costs 14% less but is ~10% faster while the GTX 1080 is 60% less but is only 20% slower.

In fact with NVIDIA going complete bonkers with the pricing the RTX 2070 takes a firm stance for $599 where up to this point 80 series cards were holding the fort meaning NVIDIA has effectively moved their Turing product line up a segment. This is most noticeable when looking at the pricing for the RTX 2080Ti compared to previous generation’s Titan X (Pascal) and Titan Xp. This is downright sad and to be quite blunt, anti-consumer.

If these results are true and this gets reflected in real gaming titles, titles that do not support Nvidia’s RTX technology to hide the truth behind crippled performance only slightly less for Turing. I simply CANNOT advise the purchase of either the RTX 2080 or 2070 as in most cases, situations that the consumer actually cares about there is nothing to gain compared to the purchase of the GTX 1080Ti and 1080.

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