NVIDIA Control of AIB Distribution – Attempt to Gag Reviewers

NVIDIA Control of AIB Distribution – Attempt to Gag Reviewers

It seems that Nvidia are getting even more cocky with the upcoming launch of the next generation GeForce RTX series as they are up to some rather sketchy antics yet again.

A report written by HardOCP has stated that Nvidia are demanding their AIB partners disclose who exactly will be receiving aftermarket Turing graphics cards for review as well as personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses.

It’s also stated that Nvidia have put together their own list of approved reviewers, sending this list to their AIB partners to exclude anyone who isn’t approved from receiving a sample.

Where this story gets even more interesting is that Nvidia are demanding any unapproved reviewer to receive their sample but only if they sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that lasts for five whole years.

Once the “agreement” has been accepted these reviewers will be able to receive their sample cards. They will then be directed to a protected site in which they must log in to obtain the drivers to use for the review.

Whether or not this is a coy to prevent any leaks from surfacing before the deadline or to potentially ensure slightly more favorable reviews by making the undisclosed driver mandatory.

I suppose it will pay to be wary when “launch” reviews of the RTX 2080 and 2080Ti surface as it’s guaranteed anyone aside from a particular few would have had to sign their dignity and soul away to Jensen Huang for five years.

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