More Cases of Faulty GeForce RTX Turing Cards Appear

More Cases of Faulty GeForce RTX Turing Cards Appear

Following up from our previous article more and more reports of GeForce RTX cards arriving dead on arrival or just die shortly after on the Nvidia Forums.

Why only the Nvidia forums exactly? Because kindhearted moderators on majority of tech related subreddits are jumping at the chance to “help” the individuals suffering from this problem by deleting their posts.

This makes me question, just why hasn’t anybody else mentioned anything about these defective cards? Wouldn’t have anything to do with the NDA they had to sign with Nvidia to receive those review samples now would it? Probably not…

So which cards from the new GeForce RTX lineup are suffering from major defects? All of them. 2070’s, 2080’s and the 2080Ti are all affected.

10 years in the making and what do consumers receive? An abundance of defective GeForce RTX cards to send back in for RMA. Perhaps this is just a feature of the brand new RTX Technology? Only Jensen would know, he released such garbage with no quality control.

From this screenshot on the Nvidia forums shows one customer who purchased three 2080Ti’s with two of them being Huang’s special Founders Edition and an AIB ASUS Dual OC. Can you guess which of the three were defective?

Another user below mentioned that his RTX FE died without even overclocking, much like we mentioned in our previous article that these GDDR6 memory modules are incapable of reaching the speeds rated on these cards stock. He then went on to replace the defective unit with an AIB card and has had no issue.

You would think after the first GeForce RTX card dies that they would be smart enough to avoid the product right? Guess not.



Nvidia Forum user Xenadi mentions just how much of a struggle it has been to file his RMA report in for his defective GeForce RTX 2070 if you live outside of America. Why you would buy an RTX GPU directly from Nvidia outside of the U.S. I have no idea, lesson learned?

Just over a week ago my 2070 arrived. My excitement about receiving a new card was quickly soured when it immediately caused my PC to constantly artifact and BSOD.

I immediately raised a ticket and proceeded to spend around 8 hours following the troubleshooting as requested by the technician. After these steps were finally complete an RMA was finally authorised

fast forward a week, the courier NVIDIA use to ship internationally (back to China from Australia) doesn’t collect from my state so now I have to arrange pickups through a third party who have twice not shown up as the booking isn’t going through correctly. NVIDIA support team have refused to offer an advance RMA, not because of any other reason than my country.

Final outcome has required me to demand a refund which I won’t receive for another 2-3 weeks when my card gets back to their warehouse.

Fellow Aussies, don’t buy direct from NVIDIA.


It’s pretty clear with the shear amount of people mentioning defective Turing cards that Nvidia clearly did not bother with any quality control for their Founders Edition cards, I wonder if those FE cards those select few reviewers received are still kicking…. it’s not like they would mention if it wasn’t.

Defective memory modules not able to maintain the speeds rated on the RTX Turing cards and a brand new “0db” fan mode which randomly turns on during intense game sessions and cases of stuttering, an issue also found on the Titan V in games.



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