Intel Offering Xeon Discounts if Clients Seek AMD EPYC

Intel Offering Xeon Discounts if Clients Seek AMD EPYC

History sure does love to repeat itself with Intel handing out kickbacks to companies like Dell and many others to limit the sales of AMD systems or just outright sell Intel systems only.

An article by Serve The Home has stated that Intel are now allegedly ordering distributors to push for discounted prices on Xeon shipments if the customer has asked for AMD EPYC.

Intel knows that AMD’s EPYC processors are a serious threat to their golden goose server market providing a substantial amount of revenue for the company are supposedly offering discounts well into the double digit ranges with discounts occurring in low quantity sales.

If your business decides to get a quote for AMD EPYC based systems seems to trigger the approval of this alleged discount as Intel combats the low prices of EPYC solutions in a downright scumbag attempt to swing sales.

This comes as no surprise really considering the history of the company and the shape that it’s in currently. Brian Krzanich left the company in a very dire shape, with the outright failure of their 10nm process and now the company is struggling to meet demands for their 14nm process.

Let’s not forget about the massive amounts of vulnerabilities these Intel chips have currently, some of which the only solution is to disable Hyper-Threading.

Offering massive discounts on your money maker whilst struggling to meet demands in a poor attempt to gather sales on your soon to be obsolete and vulnerable products. I can see this going down in a ball of fire and I have to be honest here I’ll be laughing the entire time.

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