Intel Announces Skylake-X Refresh and 28 Core Xeon Processors

Intel Announces Skylake-X Refresh and 28 Core Xeon Processors

Continuing on from the previous article Intel also unveiled their new Core-X series of processors for content design workloads on a premium platform.

These new Core-X processors will be apart of the Basin Falls Refresh family featuring “optimization” include:

  • Soldered IHS for better management and overclocking (STIM)
  • Up to 68 PCIe Lanes (44 CPU + 24 PCH)
  • Quad-Channel DDR4 Memory Support at 2666MHz

Aside from all these much needed improvements these processors are still the same old Skylake-X chips at heart, for a slightly more affordable price.

I’m sure even The Great Negrodamus couldn’t predict this.

Featuring higher clockspeeds across the entire range the Basin Fall Refresh comes with a multitude of flavors. However a simple refresh on this scale is not going to be enough to combat AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper processors which are much cheaper and feature up to 32 cores. It was made known a few months ago that this refresh was coming and that after the platform as a whole would be considered obsolete and discontinued.

With the inevitability that this platform is on its last legs it would not be sensible to purchase anything for this platform.

Intel Core-X Basin Falls Refresh Specifications

Starting off with the Core i9 9980XE featuring 18 cores and 36 threads comes to us with 24.75MB of Cache with a base clockspeed of 3.0GHz and like all the other processors you’re about to see with the boost clockspeed being at 4.5GHz. Pricing comes in at $1979.

Next we have the Core i9 9960X featuring 16 cores 32 threads with just 22MB of  Cache, with a base clock of 3.1GHz. It is priced at $1684.

Heading down the order we have the i9 9940X with 14 cores and 28 threads, packing 19.25MB of Cache and with base clockspeeds of 3.3GHz. Pricing comes in at $1387

Heading further down we have the Core i9 9920X with 12 cores and 24 threads also featuring 19.25MB of Cache with the base clock at 3.5Ghz. Pricing comes in at $1189

The Core i9 9900X and 9820X consist of 10 core 20 thread parts with base clockspeeds of 3.5GHz and 3.3GHz however the 9900X gets preferential treatment with 19.25MB of Cache while the 9820X only features 16.5MB. The pricing for these two are $989 and $898

And lastly we have the Core i9 9800X featuring 8 cores and 16 threads with the highest base clockspeed of the family with 3.8GHz and also has 16.5MB of  Cache. It is priced at $589


Intel Xeon W-3175X – Unlocked 28 Core Xeon for Socket 3647

Remember when Intel showcased a 28 core Xeon Platinum running at 5GHz at Computex with the assistance of a 1 HP aquarium chiller ?

Well here it finally is in all its glory and as a surprise to nobody it will not be coming to the X299 platform instead favoring where this processor originally started on. Socket 3647.

The Xeon W-3175X comes with 28 cores and 56 threads, a base clockspeed of 3.1GHz which is impressive in and of itself with a maximum boost frequency of 4.3GHz all in a 255W TDP package. It supports up to Hexa-Channel Memory at 2666MHz along with the traditional RAID and ECC features you’d expect of a product of this caliber.

However one thing that is known is that Intel haven’t confirmed that the W-3175X will feature solder or (STIM) is how Intel Marketing would want me to address it. I guess when dealing with a die of this size it’s best to cut corners whenever possible.

It would be unfair to address the Xeon W-3175X as competition to AMD’s Threadripper as this bad boy certainly isn’t going to be cheap especially when taking into consideration that the prices haven’t dropped significantly to be even remotely competitive for the Basin Falls Refresh compared to previous Skylake-X processors.

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