AMD Redshift – “Next Horizon” Deciphered – Computer Market Shifting To AMD Technologies?

AMD Redshift – “Next Horizon” Deciphered – Computer Market Shifting To AMD Technologies?

AMD will be hosting a media gathering at an event titled “AMD Next Horizon” on Tuesday 6th Nov 2018. Specific details of the event are unknown.

However, previously at such gatherings, AMD has showcased glimpses of upcoming products to generate consumer interest, most notably the Zen core design during the previous New Horizon event and demonstrated (to share holders) of progress being made.

AMD often likes to hide cryptic messages in the language it uses to market products and events.

Tyrone.Tech has uncovered one such message that points to AMD’s confidence in its upcoming products and roadmap to win market share from rivals Intel and Nvidia.

The cryptic message is hidden in the naming of AMD’s upcoming event itself. Let us explain this.

The name of the upcoming gathering is “Next Horizon”(Event) which can be reorganized as “Next Event Horizon”

An Event Horizon is a concept, used in theoretical physics, to describe a boundary of space and time beyond which events cannot affect an observer. It is simply seen as “a point of no return”.

It is theorized to occur on the edge of black holes, dead stars that have imploded. Black holes can be imagined as giant vacuums with a bag called “the singularity”. They suck in everything in its path that happens cross the Event Horizon by the force of immense gravity. There is no escape.

This is quite the cryptic message from AMD’s New Horizon event, suggesting that Intel and Nvidia will not escape AMD’s upcoming products.

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