AMD Dominates as Intel Supply Issues Continue – October Report

AMD Dominates as Intel Supply Issues Continue – October Report , a leading retailer in Germany have published their monthly report on sale figures and market share of their stocks sold.

Things have taken quite a dramatic turn of events for Intel as for the month of October sales of AMD CPUs have soared to an astonishing 74% to Intel’s 26%.



A massive shift compared to when we reported on the August report last time with AMD jumping 45% over the span of just two months.

The biggest sellers from both ends include the Ryzen 2700X and Ryzen 2600 for AMD and the i7 8700K and 8600K for the blue brand.

These figures are a clear indication that Intel are facing some serious supply issues on their 14nm chips. But I’m “totally” sure their 9000 series with more cores, bigger dies will be what pulls Intel out of the hole they are currently in.

Mindfactory themselves are reporting on Intel’s shortages on the 14nm process, a decrease of over 50% while the supply from AMD hasn’t changed in the slightest. This has resulted in a massive decline in market share above, the average amount of CPUs sold per week and a price hike.



Revenue for Intel has dropped almost as severe as sale figures themselves with a 32% decline since we last reported on the matter granting AMD the clear lead with majority of profits coming from the 2700X and the 2600 once more while for Intel the 8700K providing most of the revenue while it’s split between the 8600K and 8086K for second place. is the leading retailer in Germany and if Intel’s supply has decreased significantly it would be safe to say that such issues would show themselves with many other retailers world wide.

I personally believe with the launch of the 9000 series coming next month that it will be somewhat of a resurgence for the blue brand but if they are failing to meet demand as they already are a new generation focusing on higher core counts and therefore larger die sizes is not going to combat any supply issues on that particular process.

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