AMD CPUs Take Charge Over Intel at Leading German Retailer

AMD CPUs Take Charge Over Intel at Leading German Retailer

Leading German retailer has shared their monthly report on the market share of the processors sold. According to the report, AMD have just barely overtaken Intel in CPU sales in the month of August.

On the report we can see that AMD and Intel processors hitting parity with one another in sales alone, with AMD coming out on top by the width of a hair. This month however AMD sales have continued with an upwards trajectory with AMD taking the lead with 51% to Intel’s 49%.

This time last year saw a similar situation with AMD taking a 52% lead over Intel’s 48% with overall less processors sold. The biggest sellers for AMD this month include the R7 2700X, R5 2600 and R5 1600 with the 2400G and 2600X following suite.

Intel’s biggest sellers this month were the i7 8700K and 8600K followed by the 8700 and 8400.

Why have the scales tipped back over in AMD’s favor? I believe this could be the combined result of the massive amounts of vulnerabilities Intel processors face, most recently L1TF / Foreshadow where the only real solution to mitigate against it would be to disable hyper threading.

Combine this with AMD slashing the prices of their previous generation products while their second generation products make more of an impact providing higher quality products and higher performance below every single price point set by Intel.

I believe AMD will continue on gaining share over Intel with this German retailer slowly over the next few months…. until at least Intel bounce back with their 9th generation paperlaunch set later in the year.

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