AMD Announces The Athlon 200GE – With specifications

AMD Announces The Athlon 200GE – With specifications



AMD have been pumping new processors since the announcement of the first generation ryzen starting for the mainstream CPUs then the High End Desktop SKUs and then finally some pretty respectable APUs that this time had both the CPU power and GPU power for today computing needs.

They have also released many midrange CPUs but one thing missing was the entry level everyday use CPUs.



Meet the Athlon 200GE which delivers the optimal experience for basic users with the very low price of $55!



Gaming performance is great for this very cheap APU and we can see in this slide AMD taunting intel by saying it “Can play real games smoothly when intel can’t”

Very bold move but it is expected with AMD’s advantage when it comes to integrated graphics.



It’s also a good performer with discrete graphics as it doesn’t really fall back behind intel’s offering the Pentium G4560 when it comes to gaming but there is a catch..

The Athlon 200GE is competing nice having a mere 35W TDP while the Pentium has a higher 54W TDP, very impressive!



Computing performance is also great, being the same and sometimes beating the pentium by a big margin.



Integrated graphics supports Radeon FreeSync.



And it also has the platform advantage that intel don’t have.



Great efficiency!





It will have a decent clock speed for the very low 35W TDP.



And here we can see that AMD have a counterpart for every intel processor and now buyers can enjoy a broad complete selection of CPUs





In the end, with more competition in the market both camps will have the motive to advance and offer better prices in the future.

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