4A Games Targets 1080p 60fps for NVIDIA RTX in Metro Exodus

4A Games Targets 1080p 60fps for NVIDIA RTX in Metro Exodus

4A Games, developers behind the upcoming Metro Exodus due to eb released on February 22nd next year are targeting 1920×1080 (1080p) 60fps with Nvidia’s new RTX technology in their upcoming title.

Rendering programmer Ben Archard said in an interview with Rock Paper, Shotgun that the studio is targeting 1080p 60fps for their game with Nvidia’s RTX.

We’re always going to be pushing 60 fps. But we’ll see what we get. Obviously, there are three cards there and we’ll see what profiles we can get for each.

It’s 1080p, yes. That’s the goal, but we’ll see how it goes. That’s the trouble, we’re developing it and optimizing it. We’ve got an existing engine with the existing systems, so a direct comparison isn’t really fair. Yeah, when you first do it and first implement ray tracing in a naive way, it’s more expensive, it’s slower. But if you optimize, yeah, you can get there. You get it up to frame rate and that’s what we’ve been trying out. Actually saying what the final difference is, I can’t because we’re not finished.

It is unknown which GeForce RTX GPU is being based as the target to achieve the performance but my guess is either the 2080 or 2080Ti will struggle severely with RTX enabled with high framerates or a higher resolution.

Archard also stated in the interview that it will be possible to switch the “features” of Nvidia’s RTX off and on just like you would with HairWorks.

We’re still working on it and haven’t set out all the myriad of options yet. We haven’t narrowed that down. But in principle, yes, it’s definitely something like Nvidia’s HairWorks. Yes, you can turn Hairworks on and off, and you can turn any given lighting system off. It’s a feature, so yes, you could have a button that goes, ‘We’re going to switch over to RTX mode now’, but it’s the same engine running all the time, so it’s just, ‘Okay, we’re going to switch over to traditional global illumination systems, or we’re going to switch over to the modern RT GI system. It’s an optional feature, but it’s a really, really important feature.

Nvidia’s Turing architecture in combination with Nvidia’s RTX provides the most “immersive” and “cinematic” experience for gamers.

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