(18+) Snow Daze: The Music of Winter Now Available on Steam

(18+) Snow Daze: The Music of Winter Now Available on Steam

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter is a 18+ visual novel featuring full English voiced dialog along with a western art style.

Developed by Outbreak Games, Snow Daze is currently on sale on the Steam store for $8.49 discounted from $9.99.

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter tells the story of Jason, a musician who is treated poorly and bossed around by the rest of his family. Luckily for Jason a snow storm approaches keeping the family trapped inside for 5 days giving Jason the opportunity to experiment with hypnotism to slowly corrupt the minds of his family to satisfy his sexual needs.

Accompanying you during the snow storm is Noelle, your step-mother. She comes off as a bit of a strict and authoritative woman but beneath the shell she is quite submissive.

Following that we have Kira, your older step-sister. She has quite the intelligence on her and is very pride about it, often considered a control freak by Jason. She is a sexual deviant and is the dominate one in most scenarios.

Up next we have Jane, your twin-“step” sister. Her and Jason were very close when they were younger but after puberty she took a heavy focus on sports and athletics as she has repressed her feminine side due to her believing that links it to being submissive.

Lastly we have Sarah, your younger step-sister. She is cheerful and very sociable but not quite the smartest in the family. Jane is quite manipulative often teasing Jason about his perversions in hopes that he would do her homework and chores for her instead.

Snow Daze features a whole multitude of fetishes ranging from, domination to petplay and obviously incest. Combined with multiple choice answers throughout the game allowing for multiple endings further adding replay value to a game that seriously requires it as the game itself is rather short, you could probably expect to complete everything Snow Daze has to offer in around five hours playtime.


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